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Noble Seat Pack

Noble Seat Pack


Noble Seat Pack

Designed to fit securely onto the rails of a saddle and compress the contents

Made from recycled inner tube


2slots to accomodate a road/cyclocross inner tube and a small selection of tools (tyre levers, etc)

Fits neatly into the pocket of a cycle jersey

Velcro, pull-back compression strap that adjusts for roll contents


Open - 21cm x 25cm

Pockets - 10cm x 14.5cm

Folded - 10cm x 15

Strap length - 31cm

Note: this product is designed for road bike / urban use. For mountain bikes, I would recommend the saddle pack as it attaches to the saddle & seat post

(I haven't managed to lose mine yet despite using it for a fat bike tube on some very bumpy descents)

Quantity:  at  £12.95  each

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