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Troll Camera / Phone Case (with Purse)

Troll Camera / Phone Case (with Purse)


Troll Camera / Phone Case (with Purse)



The Troll Camera / Phone Case also has a useful purse for beer/cake money

Made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, the Troll uses the waterproofing properties of the rubber to protect your camera or mobile phone from sweat, rain & mud.

Fits neatly into a cycle jersey pocket

Phone completely encased with a velcro closure

Purse has zip closure

Please state camera / phone model for correct sizing

Why Troll? My original design, the Nirvana, was designed to attach to a pack while out riding. Not everyone wants to do this, and I was asked whether it was possible to put a purse on the reverse of the case - for cake / beer money. No problem. Louise asked for it to be named after the Tunnel Hill Trolls - a  group of mountainbiking friends from the Farnborough area. Ride responsibly.

Phone Model / Dimensions:

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:  at  £12.00  each

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