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Hi. My name is Judy and I am also known as the BeerBabe.

When I’m not at the cutting board or sewing machine, I can be found with my husband Roy (aka BeerBiker) riding & racing my fat bike and also sipping my way through a quality beer. I like to keep life simple!

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BB Mont des Cats   BB Oud Postje


The idea for this business came during 2011 when I decided that I had had enough of working for ‘The Man’ and would do the things I enjoyed doing instead. As I was in my late 40’s and becoming a professional mountain biker was not really an option, I looked around for more sensible ideas.

Thanks to my mother (who was a Home Economics & Needlework teacher), a technical mind and, ultimately a degree in Blue Peter, I was always making things. I really wanted to be Mechanical Engineer but I was ahead of my time & had to settle for a career in Chemistry instead.

I began with making jewellery out of used bike parts and beer bottle tops, but it was during a trip to Boulder, Colorado when the light-bulb switched on and I got the business idea I had been searching for.

During those first few months I developed a love/hate relationship with inner tubes and sewing machines, but I’m glad I persevered to have the range of items available on this website.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, drop me an email & I’ll see what I can do.

Why BeerBabe? Well why not!

Gulbergen 2014 28  Surrey Oaks and fattys

Beerbabe and the fatbike  BB on fatbike





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