Troll Phone Case (with Purse)

Troll Phone Case (with Purse)


Troll Phone Case (with Purse)

Made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, the Troll uses the waterproof properties of the rubber to protect your mobile phone from mud, rain & sweat.

The case fits neatly into a cycle jersey pocket.

The mobile phone is completely encased within the pouch and has a Velcro closure.


The full width, zip purse will fit a credit card or even cash.

troll2  troll3

Please put the phone model and/or dimensions (especially where a case is fitted) in the text box to ensure the case is the correct size.


Why Troll? My original design, the Nirvana, was designed to attach to a pack while out riding. Not everyone wants to do this, and I was asked whether it was possible to put a purse on the reverse of the case - for cake / beer money. No problem. Louise asked for it to be named after the Tunnel Hill Trolls - a  group of mountainbiking friends from the Farnborough area. Ride responsibly. 

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