Chip Cone / Frite Fodder Pod

Chip Cone / Frite Fodder Pod


Chip Cone / Frite Fodder Pod

Made from chip cone printed water resistant cordura, which helps to increase storage on the bike and is designed for a variety of uses (frites, beer & waffles not included).


Due to the lighter weight material used (compared to my other canvas pods), the pod is reinforced internally with re-used banner material.

Lined with water resistant, ripstop fabric, which can be pulled out for the shell for easy cleaning.

Pulled closed with a paracord drawstring and toggle.

Webbing loops allow the pod to be attached to either side of the stem. The Velcro straps are lined with inner tube to prevent scratching.


Photos shown below are for information only to show the functionality of the pack.

fodder_pod_ds    fodder_pod_ds_black3

fodder_pod_ds_black2  fodder_pod_ds_black5

A clip is attached to the inside of the pack for easy stowage and retrieval of keys. A beerbabe bottle opener is also included.


Dimensions: 16cm h x 9cm d
Weight: 54g
Volume: 1L approx.

:  at  £34.00  each