Fodder Pod Stem Pack - Coffee Cup Blue

Fodder Pod Stem Pack - Coffee Cup Blue


Fodder Pod Stem Pack - Coffee Cup Blue

The Fodder Pod stem pack made from water resistant, PU backed heavy duty 600 denier canvas and helps increase bar storage and is designed for a variety of uses (beer & waffles not included).


Acrylic paint has been used for the design and it had been additionally treated with a water repellant coating.

Photos shown below are for information only to show the functionality of the pack.

fodder_pod_ds    fodder_pod_ds_black3

The pack is lined with waterproof nylon ripstop fabric which can be pulled out for easy cleaning and tucked back in again.

The pack is closed with a paracord drawstring.

fodder_pod_ds_black2  fodder_pod_ds_black5

A clip is attached using paracord to the pack for easy stowage and retrieval of keys. A beerbabe bottle opener is also included.


Using simple webbing attachment, the Fodder Pod can be easily attached to either side of the stem and handlebar.

Dimensions: 16cm h x 9cm d
Weight: 54g
Volume: 1L approx.

:  at  £34.00  each