MoJoe Pouch

MoJoe Pouch


MoJoe Pouch

The design of this pouch is based on the sadlle pouch and allows spares to be carried in a variety of positions on the bike. 

Made from used inner tubes, this roll-top pouch attaches to the bike wtih an inner tube lined webbing/Velcro strap. The inner tube prevents the bicycle frame from getting scratched by the pouch. It also stops the pouch from shifting during bumpy rides.

MoJoe6  MoJoe8

The strap passes through the webbing loops stitched to the pouch and around the frame. The Velcro allows the strap to be pulled tight to secure the pouch to the frame and compress the contents. The webbing loops and clip should be placed away from the frame.

MoJoe2  MoJoe3

MoJoe4   MoJoe1

When tested on a fork, it remained securely mounted to the fork and kept the contents in the pouch dry.

MoJoe11  MoJoe5



Dimensions (w x d x l):

6cm x 6cm x 17cm*

* end rolled 2x and clipped closed

Length of strap:

35cm including plastic loop **

** the strap length can be customised to adapt to different frame tube sizes. Please contact me if this is required. I can also change the colour of the webbing strap.

Weight of pouch + strap:

90g approx.

:  at  £17.00  each