Houffa Handlebar Pack

Houffa Handlebar Pack


Houffa Handlebar Pack
The Houffa Handlebar pack has been designed to maximise access to the contents of the pack while removing the need for a zip. A zip can be the weakest part of a product and is prone to failure when stressed. 
It is a modification of the Houffa Pod which was successfully tested at Houffa Gravel 2023. This pack was tested during a particularly wet visit to Belgium.
houffa_handlebar2 houffa_handlebar6
It is constructed from used bicycle inner tube with the side gussets made from 600D waterproof canvas. The colour of side panels can be selected from the drop-down box below. It is additioanlly lined with waterproof, ripstop fabric.
houffa  colours
The Velcro closure has been designed to allow the pack to be kept almost empty or well-filled. There is an elastic cord which passes over the front of the pack & is held in place with a mini Carabiner (belt & braces closure).
houffa_handlebar8  houffa_handlebar3
The pack is designed to completely encase & protect what is put inside.
Canvas loops on the back allow for easy attachment to the handlebars using the straps provided.
Additional, lighter items (half shell or waterproof jacket) can be carried under the elastic cord for fast access or stashing. A cord toggle allows the elastic to be tightened.
houffa_handlebar5  houffa_handlebar7
These pack are made to order and so are subject to my current lead time.

It features:

  • Water-esistant (contents stayed dry during wet weather testing)
  • Full pack opening (no zip to get in the way)
  • Choice of positions for handlebar straps
  • Adjustable elastic bungee cord for storing items on the outside of the pack 
  • External seams are bound with cotton binding


250mm W

Canvas Insert Colour:

:  at  £45.00  each