Fuel Packs

Fuelling during a ride / race

Not everyone rides with a pack but wants to be able to stash a few snacks (or money for cake) & a phone. Using strips of innertube, I have added some structure to the pack. I also wove a pack completely from strips of inner tube (to reduce the amount of sewing required).

These will be tested before being added to the site.


Nirvana Phone Case

A wet, 2 hour ride on the bikes, gave an ideal opportunity to test the Nirvana Phone Case. I modified the original design so that the phone was fully encased in inner tube. 

Result - phone was completely clean and dry. The same could not be said for me though!!

 Camera Case Test

Camera Case Test

How often have you wanted your camera to hand to capture memories of an awesome ride or the aftermath of a riding buddies crash!!

I modified the phone case so that my camera fitted inside and was securely mounted 'to hand'.

Result - This survived 7 hours of riding and I barely knew it was there.